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Philadelphia Vintage and Textiles

For over 20 years, Philadelphia Vintage and Textiles has been curating an exclusive collection of vintage clothing, designer handbags (e.g. Chanel, Hermes, Bottega), fine and costume jewelry, vintage wedding dresses, and vintage home décor. Vintage consignment is also a significant part of our business.

C'mon real Chanel?  Yeah, really real Chanel!

Our reputation and your trust depend upon us knowing our craft and accurately portraying our products. We are well versed in patterns, stitching, color, textiles, signature markings, labels, and design. We have spent years studying the patterns of all the major designers including Chanel, Hermes, Louboutin, Oscar de La Renta, Yves Saint Laurent, McQueen, Versace, Pucci, and La Perla to name only a few. We also know how to spot a true couture piece that may not have been done by one of the major fashion houses but is still of the highest quality fashion has to offer.

Whether you are looking for a elegant vintage wedding dress, a pair of classic Chanel earrings, a stunning crystal Weiss necklace, a colorful designer purse by Judith Lieberman, or even a kimono from the early 1900s, we have collected only the very best available. You can rest easy knowing that when you shop us, you can have confidence that the work of proving authenticity and quality has already been done.

Designer Handbags

When we are presented with a designer handbag for consignment, there are several things we look for to determine whether we will represent that bag for sale. First, we decide if the bag is unique or highly valued in the market. Second, we authenticate the bag by looking at support documentation, thread count, and even contacting the initial retailer to verify the identity of the consignor/seller and their original purchase.  Third, we determine a fair price for what the market will bear balanced with what a seller would like to receive for their bag and then determine if that price point works for our clientele. We see many bags that just don’t make the cut, but that means when you shop for bags with us, you are getting the real thing for a fair price.

Vintage Consignment

We only consign what we believe will be attractive to our clientele.  That means that while what you have might be amazing and fabulous, it may not be what our typical customer is looking to buy.  Check out our consignment page for details.  If we can't consign it ourselves, we may be able to facilitate a donation to Hold Your Paw on your behalf. 

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