Vintage Layaways Holds Rentals


If you are interested in purchasing an item by layaway, begin by sending us a Contact Us Form stating the piece you are interested in, your name, address, and phone number.  We will contact you to set up the layaway.

All Layaways are good for 30 days.  Fifty percent (deposit) of the price is required at time of purchase and will be billed accordingly.  Once that first installment is received, the item will be marked as on layaway on the website.  This puts the item on hold for you to complete the purchase.  The balance is then billed to you and must be paid by the end of 30 days. Deposits are not refundable and will be forfeited if payments are not received within the agreed 30 days.


We are happy to rent select items on a case by case basis. As you can imagine, renting a garment is a very touchy transaction, but our policy is clear.  Before sending out a rented item, it will be photographed and any imperfections will be noted in an email to the customer.  The customer will need to respond to the email that they received it and understand the condition before an item is sent out.  The items are then sent out with a plot sheet which will also list any imperfections.  The renter is responsible for reading and signing this document to acknowledge her/his understanding of the item(s) condition.  The item(s) must be returned by the specified date and in the received condition as listed on the plot sheet.

If you are interested in a rental, please use a Contact Us Form to begin the process.  Tell us your name, address, telephone number, items you would like to rent and for what purpose.  We will contact you to discuss if the items you are requesting are available for rental for your desired purpose.

In general, a charge of 10 times the garment's worth that is specified on the renters document/contract will need to be paid prior to the garment being rented. If the garment is returned in the condition it was rented, a full refund will be given minus the agreed upon rental amount. 


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